Caravan transport

Safe and professional caravan transport domestically and internationally.

Carefree caravan transport

VIC Services is happy to take the caravan transport off your hands so you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. With caravans getting bigger and bigger, moving and transporting them becomes more and more difficult. Traffic jams, road closures and even more annoying: car breakdowns are factors that make you already start your vacation with stress.

If you drive electric, moreover, the range is very limited by towing a caravan. So do you want no stress and convenience? Then choose quality and safe caravan transport by VIC Services.

Caravan transport services

More and more caravan owners are choosing to have their caravan transported to their (vacation) destination. You fly or drive yourself to your favorite vacation destination in a shorter period of time, we take care of the caravan transportation and luggage transport. All in all, very safe. With our special air-suspended pickup, we provide road transport. Very carefully as if it were our own property, so nothing happens to your caravan. Additional luggage up to 500 kg is welcome in the closed cargo box of our luxury pickup.

  • Skilled and professional
  • Safety & convenience
  • Connecting water and electricity
  • Setting up awning
  • Ride along in pickup is possible
  • Caravans up to 3500 kg
  • Vacation without stress
  • Caravan transport at home and abroad
  • 500 kg additional luggage
  • Drop-off and pick-up service from storage to camping/maintenance facility

Do you want top-level caravan transport services? Then contact us for a free quote.