Exclusive car transport

Exclusive car transport to the highest standard.

Exclusive car transport at the highest level

From classic car to supercar, from exclusive car to race car and from precious prototype to concept car, VIC Services provides exclusive car transport of special and exclusive vehicles throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Dealers, importers, manufacturers, car rental companies, freight forwarders and event agencies hire us for car transport at VIP level. Home delivery of new cars, transportation to a film set or photo shoot location, press introductions and pickup & delivery services are examples.

Of course, we also work for private individuals. For example, to transport a car to a second home in Europe. Straight and without unnecessary stops; fast, safe and flexible. Or transportation to and from car or motorcycle shows, racing events or repairman/garage. Lots of service and convenience! Choose exclusive car transport to the highest standard!

Closed car transport

We transport vehicles only in closed equipment, safely and discreetly (also because we do not carry name advertising on the equipment). The fully air-suspended transport combination is completely custom made and meets strict German TÜV requirements for closed car and motorcycle transport. For the safety and expertise of the transport, the trailer is equipped with all possible and most modern technical assistance and safety features. For example, cars with very low ground clearance can be loaded and unloaded effortlessly and without damage thanks to the hydraulically tiltable trailer with extra-long ramps.

  • Secure and closed car transport
  • Dry and clean transport
  • Discreet
  • Personalized and available 24/7
  • Skilled and professional
  • NIWO/ Euro permit
  • Modern GPS track & trace
  • AVC (M) / CMR terms and conditions
  • Air suspension for maximum protection

Do you want top level closed and exclusive car transport? Then contact us for a free quote.